THE GALLERY located at 128 Main Street in Stamford, NY.

2004 Exhibitions:

FEBRUARY 2nd through MARCH 14th
Reception - March 14th - 3 to 6 pm

MARCH 20th through APRIL 25th

The GALLERY at 128 Main St. in Stamford is holding a group reception for photographers, Daryl-Ann Saunders, Shelley Seccombe, and Idell Conaway. The solitary landscape holds the fine art eye of Daryl-Ann Saunders. Working on archival rag papers, she then uses an alternative printing method known as image transfere to make small, delicately detailed prints of objects and landscapes. Saunders then hand colors the print with subtle applications of watercolor and colored pencil to create her limited edition prints with variations.
Capturing the visual pulse of the structures and people of New York for the past thirty five years has been the passion of Shelley Seccombe. In this compelling and in some instances almost haunting exhibition, Seccombe captures the west side piers, warehouses and waterfronts of the 1970's,documenting a time, and transition or the history of New York City.
Idell Conaways underwater photography of the worlds oceans capture the mystery and beauty of coral reefs that bring to light a world few of us are able to experience. The dance of the fish, plumes of coral, and the profusion of ongoing sea activity are the palette for Idell Conaway. Using digital printing methods, Conaway transforms these images into a visual symphony of color and form that will inspire the imagination.
Call 607-652-4030 - Visit the gallery at
Reception - April 25th - 3 to 6 pm

Benefit for Stamford Children's Activity Center
May 21, 5-7 pm, The Gallery, Main St, Stamford NY

Featuring songs for children and orginal folk music by George Kilby Jr,
Dana LaCroix, and a backing group from New York City.
$7 Adults /Children Free

APRIL 27th through MAY 23rd
The magic northern light of Scandinavia, the unique colors of Cuba chocolate-skinned Maldivians of the Indian Ocean, the mystery of the pre-Roman city of  Petra in Jordan – these are some of the images Tina Buckman has captured during her travels. Discovering new parts of the world – their people, the culture, the colors and the light – has always been her passion. Stockholm, her home for over twenty years, was her outdoor "studio", as well as the rest of  Sweden and Scandinavia, where she shot for, among others, The Swedish Tourist  Board. In contrast, her travels have also taken her to countries such as Jordan,  Morocco, and Tunisia, as well many European countries. Island destinations, for which she has developed a special affinity, include the Azores, Cuba,  Madeira, Majorca, Menorca, Santorini and the Maldives. Tina is a contributing  photographer for Index Stock Imagery, a New York based stock photo agency.

Although she focuses on portraits and events for her NYC-based commercial work, it is the solitary landscape that holds the fine-art eye of artist, Daryl-Ann Saunders. Photographing on location is just the beginning of the process. On archival rag papers, she then uses an alternative printing method known as image transfer to make small, delicately detailed prints of objects and landscapes. Saunders colors the final print with subtle applications of watercolor and colored pencil. The uncontrollable aspects of the image transfer process coupled with the varying characteristics of the papers she uses make predictable results difficult, if not impossible; her limited editions are unique prints with variations. Other bodies of work include b/w silver gelatin prints of nudes, intimate portraits and “On The Platform”, a series of color large-scale subway photographs. Her work can be viewed at: 
Reception - May 23rd - 3 to 6 pm

MAY 26th through JUNE 27th
Super real imagery, emotive color and painterly effects are the essence of photographer and digital artist, Cheryl Stockton. This solo exhibition reflects Stockton’s fervor to capture light, gesture and ephemeral moments at the circus, in nature and people. Her process combines traditional and digital photography with creative imaging techniques to express her particular artistic vision. Stockton works from her photography and design studio in NYC as well as her summer home upstate. As an Associate Professor at Pratt Institute, she teaches imaging, digital photography and web design. Her work can be viewed at For more information call 607-652 4030
Reception - June 27th - 3 to 6 pm

JUNE 30th through SEPTEMBER 11th
The Gallery will be showing a series of painted photographs entitled "Interior Light" by artist/photographer Ann Marie Rousseau. Rousseau employs an unusual method of altering large format black and white photographs, which she manipulates in the darkroom and then hand paints using a variety of media including inks, dyes, paints and collage materials. A signature style of "calligraphic painting" using shards and bits of light and lines palpitate kinetically within the images; figures, and settings in uneasy dramas dissolve into and/or radiate in flickering force fields. Disquieting solitary figures whirl or dance or stand still in rooms of abandoned houses (many in the Catskill area) or in industrial sites. Rousseau says that she is looking
for the "bits of life and history that remain in the rooms that people have lived in and then the way nature and light are reclaiming the spaces." Her work can be viewed at

Reception - September 11th - 3 to 6 pm

July 23rd Concert / Reception
MOZART / DVORAK performed by The Manhattan Chamber Orchestra for oboe /cello /violin and viola
5-9 pm music at 7pm. Refreshments/ 5.00 donation Friday  July 23 5-9pm

SEPTEMBER 15th through OCTOBER 23th
The GALLERY in Stamford exhibits Multi-media artist, Noel Farese. Noel creates work on watercolor paper to print photographs digitally. She has traveled extensively throughout Asia where the essence of Buddhist life and its meditative quality strongly influence her work. Her photographs are printed digitally on archival watercolor paper using pigment inks. The printing paper adds to the softening of the image while retaining a realism with a painterly quality reflecting and conveying the tranquility and serenity of Buddhism. Noel Farese works from her studio in NYC. For more information call 607-652-4030
Reception - October 23th - 3 to 6 pm

SEPTEMBER 25th  5-9 music at 7:00
Concert at The Gallery
Cover music by songwriter Jerry Farrell
Underground singer songwriter Jerry Farrell and company make a rare public appearance as he returns to the music scene performing sixteen of his recently composed works on piano this Saturday at The Gallery. Soulful lyrics mixed with a fluid combination of jazz, blues, rock, and folk arrangements set the stage for a truly unique and unpredictable experience.The Gallery will open at 5:00 to introduce the viewing of Noel Farese. The documentary of her visual journal into the spirit of Buddhist Asia. A 5.00 donation includes refreshments yes, you can bring something to share. For more information call 607-652-4030

NOVEMBER 6th through DECEMBER 4th
The Gallery, 128 Main Street in Stamford, NY, will be host to an exhibition of paintings, and works on paper by Corneel Verlaan. The artist , born in the Netherlands and resident of Delaware County for many years, works in a variety of media , including photography, from his central approach as a painter. Many works featured in this exhibition deal with the landscape from an aerial point of view, others with the seasonal cycles in our area. His works have been exhibited locally at the Roxbury Arts Group, Erpf Gallery at the Catskill Center for Conservation, Delaware National Bank and several libraries. Gallery hours are Thursday and Friday 4-8 pm, Saturday 12 noon-8 pm , Sunday 12 noon – 5 pm. Please contact Timothy Touhey, director, at 607-652-4030, or the artist at 607-832-4309 for any further information.
Reception - November 6th - 4 to 7 pm

2005 Exhibitions:

JULY 30th Concert
Songwriter Jeff Wilkinson will perform with his group the Hoovervilles on Saturday evening July 30th at The Gallery located at 128 Main Street in Stamford, NY.

Jeff Wilkinson has released three albums on the Brambus label ( His fourth CD titled "Landscapes" brings to the forefront his traditional music roots. The new album features the gracious award-winning fiddle playing of Sara Milonovich as well the talents of multi- instrumentalist and producer Greg Anderson. Wilkinson writes rootsy, literate ballads of poetic realism often about people and their places in life. His new album conjures up the musical mix he grew up with in Detroit, Michigan, containing strains from bluegrass, blues, gospel and soul music. The trio has performed throughout the Northeast and last fall completed a successful European tour.
Jeff began his songwriting career by moving to New York and honing his craft. During the 1980’s he was involved with the Fast Folk Music Scene and performed at various venues like Folk City and The SpeakEasy in Greenwich Village. Several of his songs are now part of the Smithsonian Folkways collection. Upon the release of his first album "Pitchin’ Pennies" he began touring throughout the U.S. and made his first European tour in 1990. He has shared the stage with many of folk music’s best known names including Jesse Winchester, Pete Seeger, Bill Morrissey, NRBQ, Peter Case, Gillian Welch and Robert Earl Keene. He has played in such noted rooms as Nashville’s Bluebird Café and New York’s Bottom Line and has co-written songs with such notables as Fred Koller and Leroy Preston. A multi-instrumentalist, Wilkinson often plays guitar, mandolin, harmonica and jaw harp during concert.
The Hoovervilles features two of contemporary folk music’s most gifted musicians, Greg Anderson and Sara Milonovich. Both Sara and Greg have become respected in a variety of musical circles as players adept at crossing the boundaries that separate many different styles, combining a firm grounding in a wide range of folk forms with a rich palette of modern and world music influences. As a multi-instrumentalist playing in a variety of musical genres, Greg has performed and recorded with a long list of artists in the folk and traditional music worlds, as well as with many in the fields of rock, jazz, and contemporary music, including Cathie Ryan, Susan McKeown, Richard Shindell, Tommy Sands, The Klezmatics and folk-blues singer Dave Moore. Sara has been playing the violin since she was four years old. She joined The Adirondack Fiddlers at age seven, and at age twelve released her first album of traditional fiddle tunes. She toured the US and Ireland for several as a member of the Celtic/ bluegrass/ roots band The McKrells.
Refreshments provided. $10.00 donation please

August 5, 2005
Visual Quest Brings Catskills Artist to the Hudson Valley
September 12 – October 30th, 2005 @ Class of 1929 Gallery, West Point

Opening reception: September 25th at 3:30PM

West Point, NY – Starting in September, the Eisenhower Hall Theatre and the Class of 1929 Gallery will present an exhibition spotlighting upstate New York abstract artist Timothy Touhey. The show featuring bold canvases and sculptures by Touhey will run from September 12 through October 30th and can be viewed at the Class of 1929 Gallery which also affords magnificent Hudson River views seldom seen by visitors to West Point. The opening reception, on September 25th at 3:30 PM, coincides with the Sunday with Friends musical performance at Eisenhower Hall. The exhibit and reception are free.

According to Touhey, “From an early age, I knew art would be my life and consuming passion. At age 13, I earned my first paycheck doing illustrations. Despite a number of detours, I’ve continuously grown and intensified the focus on my personal path as an artist. As my understanding of art evolved through my studio work, an understanding of artists throughout history, and my studies at the School of Visual Arts, I realized the concept of art has many levels and directions. I began to find my path as a serious artist. I found that art equals energy in its creation or birth and that a work of art, when experienced for the first time, may evoke an internal and even cellular response, as well as an intellectual one.

In 1996, re-dedicating my life to my art, I began an eight -year study, a self- imposed challenge to expand my ‘visual equation’ by working with the basic linear elements of tables, chairs and doorways. I could focus on the fundamentals of art: color, structure, composition, surface relationships, as well as movement and foreground. As a result, I attained new levels of understanding and ability. Before this ‘study’, I felt that I really didn’t have any unique subject that I could sink my teeth into, so to speak. Now, several years after emerging from that structure, my art has taken the direction of color and form with no limitations.

The relationship and energy of color and form are the catalysts for my visual quest. I don’t seek a conclusion, but an attempt to have a relationship with an ongoing moment of possibility.”

Press on Timothy Touhey
“Looking at his art, it is certain that he will ‘shake things up a bit.’ His large canvases are filled with angular lines and bright colors. He has used tables, chairs and doorways as his visually identifiable subject matter for the past eight years. The real subjects of the paintings, however, are not the tables, windows and doorways, but the painting itself and the process of creating it.”
Sarah Taft - Catskill Mountain Guide, 2002

“Touhey is the quintessential expressionist, with boundless energy and determination.”
Bill Yost – West Point Cultural Arts Director, 2005

Works in the show include 28 new oil pastels hand framed by Touhey as well as his marble sculptures and bronze editions, and large-scale oil paintings. Touhey owns and directs The Gallery in Stamford, NY which he founded in 2002.

Contact Info:
Timothy Touhey
The Gallery: 607 652 4030
Studio: 607 538 9730

Exhibition Information:
Class of 1929 Gallery
Eisenhower Hall Theatre
US Military Academy at West Point
845 938 2782

THE GALLERY permanently exhibits the artwork of Timothy Touhey.

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